On July 3, 2019 at the Office of Atoms for Peace, Ms. Vilaivan Tanjoy, the Secretary General of OAP, presided over the opening ceremony of the Agency Mission to Enhance Nuclear Forensics Capabilities in Thailand and welcomed Her Excellency, Ms. Morakot Sriswasdi, Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Thailand to the UN in Vienna, officials from Ministry of Foreign Affairs and experts from the IAEA.

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         Her Excellency was invited to give a special talk on “Nuclear Security Cooperation between IAEA and Thailand” relating to international obligations on nuclear security. Given a global circumstance, nuclear security asserts its importance as a mechanism to ensure peaceful uses of nuclear applications in the world. Nuclear forensics has been one of technical areas contributing to strengthening nuclear security regime in both national and international levels. Her Excellency pointed out the importance of continued technical assistance that would help enhance national capabilities in nuclear security to meet international standards.
Around fifty people were in attendance. They are OAP executives, OAP officials and officials from relevant organizations including the Royal Thai Police, Central Intelligence Agency, Institute of Criminal Forensics.

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