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Bureau of Nuclear Safety Regulations (BNSR);
1.To establish rules, regulations, standards and practical guidelines on nuclear safety
2.To evaluate the safety of nuclear facilities to meet the standard
3.To inspect, monitor, and regulate the safe operation of nuclear facilities


Bureau of Radiation Safety Regulation (BRSR) ;
1.To perform radiation safety regulation and law enforcement
2.To carry out inspection, evaluation, licensing and coordinating of matter related to radiation safety
3.To coordinate with organizations in Thailand and abroad on radiation emergency preparedness


Bureau of Technical Support for Safety Regulation (BTSR) ;
1.To perform national radiation and radioactivity standardization; to establish and maintain calibration standard; and to certify measurement
2.To carry out environmental radioactivity dosimetry and cooperate or support other in radioactivity monitoring, analysis and assessment in accordance with oblagations of the treaties
3.To assess personal radiation exposure of operators and those involved
4.To regulate, control, inspect and coordinate activities related to atomic energy in Thailand in accordance with the NPT


Bureau of Atomic Energy Administration (BAEA);
1.To formulate policies and strategic plans on peaceful utilization of atomic energy
2.To promote public relations, and to disseminate and transfer nuclear science and technology to public
3.To perform the coordination, on atomic energy, with international and local organizations, and as agreed with allied countries


Office of the Secretary (OS);
1.To perform all general administrative work; HRM, correspondences, procurement, finance and accounting and budgeting
2.To provide assistance and secretarial services to the Executive Management

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