In 2018, the workshop on Quality Audit for Radiation Protection Calibration for Standard Dosimetry Laboratory in Southeast Asia Region was organized by MOST and OAP to establish the network, to harmonize the standards and to improve the quality audit system for the Standard Dosimetry Laboratories (SDL) in Southeast Asia Region. Therefore in 2019, the transferring the standards from SDL to the user especially IMS Laboratory is very important to ensure that the chain of traceability is unbroken.

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     Personal Dosimetry is the measurement of the individual dose of the radiation worker managed by Individual Monitoring Service (IMS) Laboratory in each country. The accuracy of personal dosimetry evaluation of the IMS Laboratory is needed to ensure safety uses of radioactive sources and radiation generators and to prevent the hazard of radiation to radiation workers and public. The crucial activity for IMS Laboratories in Southeast Asia Countries is to harmonize the ionizing radiation metrological standard and to trace the metrological standard to SI unit (Standard Dosimetry Laboratory). Therefore, the network for IMS Laboratories in Asia-Pacific should be establish and maintain for sharing experiences and exchange the information concerning to the radiation dosimetry among the countries, to initiate the inter-laboratory comparison exercise for Personal Dose Equivalent in Photon fields and to improve the quality system of measurement. ASEAN Next 2019 190318 0030 resize
     This workshop is a part of Building Asia-Pacific Individual Monitoring Service (IMS) capabilities toward regional sustainable network project to establish IMS laboratory network in ASEAN region. The harmonization of ionizing radiation metrological standard and chain of traceability to SI unit will be conducted through inter-laboratory comparison exercise. These will enhance capability of all participated IMS laboratory to meet international standard and will improve the quality assurance system for supporting ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation system.
      This workshop will initiate the intercomparison programme, review the regional framework and action plan to achieve sustainable development of the network. There are 37 participants from 7 Southeast Asia countries and 5 experts from Australia, Japan and Thailand participated in the workshop.


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