OAP unveils a mobile nuclear and radiation emergency operation vehicle, the first of its kind in Thailand, which is on 24-hour call.

       The Office of Atoms for Peace (OAP), Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation, unveils a Mobile Nuclear and Radiation Emergency Operation Vehicle, which has been in service since 2020, aiming to improve its capabilities on responding and assessing nuclear and radiation emergency for the safety of people and environment around the clock.

OAP 1309

        Ms. Vilaivan Tanjoy, Secretary General of OAP, explains to the public that the vehicle carries a command center, a laboratory for on-scene assessment, a communication center and an equipment storage which houses a number of modern radiation-related equipments and tools. The vehicle is designed to work seamlessly with a field-operation robot, an automated drone and a decontamination unit. OAP stands ready to counter nuclear and radiation emergency with state-of-the-art technology that will certainly help return the situation to normalcy in an efficient manner which is safe to operation officers, people and environment. All aforementioned works are in compliance with the master plan on Preparedness, Response, Suspense and Restoration of Nuclear and Radiation Emergency B.E. 2561 – 2565, preparing Thailand for timely responding to the nuclear and radiation emergency situations.

        In case of nuclear and radiation emergency or even in doubt of radioactive materials, please look for a radiation symbol which is a magenta or black trefoil against a yellow background and call OAP at 1296 around the clock.

         Should you need further information, please call Nuclear and Radiation Emergency Preparedness and Response Group at 025967600 ext 4309




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