OAP – Maejo University – Chiang Mai Province co-hosting the CTBTO On-Site Inspection to enhance technical capability for inspecting of Nuclear Testing, Standing firm on “Non-proliferation of Nuclear Weapons”

Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation by Office of Atoms for Peace (OAP) and Maejo University, and Chiang Mai Province, together with CTBTO PrepCom, the nuclear watchdog organization, are enhancing technical capabilities of experts from more than 20 countries in the SEAPFE region for inspecting nuclear testing in January 2023, Chiang Mai, Thailand. This is to support the implementation of the obligations under CTBT, to demonstrate our commitments to eliminate nuclear weapons, and to promote peace and security of the global community.

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     Mr. Permsuk Sutchaphiwat, Secretary-General, Office of Atoms for Peace, revealed that the OAP,  Maejo University and Chiang Mai Province, in cooperation with the Preparatory Commission for the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban-Treaty Organization (CTBTO PrepCom) will arrange the CTBTO On-Site Inspection Regional Introductory Course-24 (RIC-24) from 15 to 21 January 2023 in Chiang Mai. All lectures will take place at the Shangri-La Hotel while a one-day field exercise will be at Maejo University. More than seventy participants from twenty countries in the Southeast Asia Pacific and Far East (SEAPFE). This training course is aimed to increase the competency, potential and knowledge on On-Site Inspection (OSI) for the participants as they are accompanied throughout the course by the CTBTO experts.In-depth technical topics include mathematical models, seismic data analysis, communication techniques and radioactivity measurement, etc. In addition, this training course can be considered as a science diplomacy to promote tourism in Chiang Mai to foreign participants.

      Mr. Permsuk reiterated that Thailand signed the CTBT on November 12, 1996, becoming the 133rd signatory country and ratified it on September 25, 2018. Thailand has also continued to fulfill the obligations set out in the Treaty, to support and to promote the universalization of the CTBT in verification system through the establishment and operation of the Radionuclide Monitoring Station (RN65) and the Primary Seismic Station (PS41), which is a part of  the International Monitoring System (IMS), and National Data Center (NDC).

       For more information, please contact Nuclear and Radiation Knowledge Management Group, Strategy and Planning Division, Office of Atoms for Peace. Tel. 0 2596 7600 ext. 1113, 1114

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