Organizations involved in Nuclear Energy

Main Responsibilities of OAP

Establish rules, regulations and measure for the control and regulation of the use of nuclear energy and waste management;To control and regulate peaceful uses of nuclear energy and nuclear facilities through its BRSR and BNSR. Control functions (inspections) in general are performed through competent officials appointed by the Minister who takes charge and control of the execution of the Act;Cooperate for nuclear affairs and foreign relations;

Responsibility of Regulatory Units at the OAP

To protect life, health and property from the hazards of nuclear energy and from the harmful effects of ionizing radiation.To provide compensation for damage caused by nuclear energy or ionizing radiation.To prevent danger to the internal or external security from the use or the release of nuclear energy.To meet its obligations in the field of nuclear energy and protection against radiation.

Main Obligations of OAP

1.    To be the Secretariat of the Atomic Energy for Peace Commission (Thai AEC)

2.    To regulate safety utilizations of radiation and nuclear materials.

3.    To coordinate formulation of national policy and strategic plans on peaceful utilization of atomic energy.

4.    To coordinate and support national security relevant to atomic energy issues.

5.    To coordinate and carry out commitments and obligations with international organizations and with foreign institutes.

6.    To coordinate and carry out technical co-operation with organizations in Thailand and abroad

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