Initiation: International Conference on Safety, Security, and Safeguards in Nuclear Energy, 1-2 September 2011, Bangkok

Southeast Asian countries are considering nuclear energy as alternative energy resource, which is a major undertaking requiring careful planning, preparation and investment in a sustainable infrastructure that provides legal, regulatory, technological, human and industrial support to ensure the effectiveness of the nuclear energy utilization, and to ensure that obligations for safety, security and safeguards are highly recognized. In fact, widely utilizations of radiation and radioactive sources are accepted, especially in the fields of medical, agricultural and industrial applications, and researches. Both nuclear energy and radiation utilization requires careful regulation to ensure the safety, security, and safeguards. Many countries have expressed the necessity to enhance collaboration among regulatory bodies in the regional level. This conference will, therefore, offer countries in Southeast Asia opportunities to share experiences and lessons learned, and to establish a network for future cooperation among new comers and experienced regulatory bodies in the region.


  1. To exchange information on nuclear safety, security, and safeguards for regulatory body, emphasizing on nuclear energy regulation, to ensure peaceful use of atomic energy in the region.
  2. To enhance harmonization regulatory activities in nuclear safety, security, and safeguards as well as radiation safety and security in the region.
  3. To establish a network for nuclear regulatory body in ASEAN.
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