Environmental Radiation Monitoring Management Plan for Thailand

Authors:S. Siriboonprapob, A. Charoensri, N. Sastri

Publication Type: Poster, INST2019

Year: 2019

Abstract: Radionuclides in the environment are from natural occurrence and man-made activities. For the later source, it can be from nuclear weapon testing, nuclear accidents and nuclear applications using as in medical, industrial sectors and research that are able to increase some artificial radionuclides to the terrestrial ecosystem. These radionuclides can enter to human by inhalation, ingestion and skin absorption. The significant amounts of radionuclides entered to human body would have some biological effects. According to the various laws and guidelines, the radiation control is strictly managed in facilities using nuclear and radioactive materials. Therefore, the efficient radiation monitoring system for terrestrial ecosystem is very important for determining environmental status in normal situation and nuclear emergency situation. The appropriated factors and parameters management in properly selected pathway can be used for dose assessment. This research is to present the environmental radiation monitoring management plan for pathway from atmosphere to human by uptake. This designed management plan would be used for a guidance of radiation monitoring system which is corresponding to international standards.
Keywords: environmental radiation monitoring, radionuclides, atmospheric pathway
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