Non-destructive Analysis in Geological Samples for Investigation on Various Aspects of Nuclear Forensics

Authors: Ladapa Srijittawa et al

Publication Type: Kasetsart University Academic Conference  

Year: 2018

Abstract: Non-destructive analysis of geological samples is one of the most popular techniques used in forensic investigations to accurately analyze the radioisotope type, composition and determine the structure of the sample. The analyzed data were then compared to nuclear and radiation databases to find connections between people, places, etc. before and after nuclear and radiation-related events. In this work, 30 soil samples were analyzed using Gamma Spectrometry (GEM Series HPGe, High Purity Gemanium) and X-ray diffraction (XRD, D2 Phaser). Th-234, Ra-226 and Bi-214 naturally occurring radionuclides were detected. It was found that all samples had the main crystal structure of Quartz. In addition, the analysis by X-ray fluorescence spectrometer (XRF,S1 TITAN) showed that the main element was Si and Al is the main component.

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