Verification of 137Cs determination in seawater using Cu-hexacyanoferrates filters

Authors: S. Visetpotjanakit and C. Khrautongkieo

Publication Type:18th International Congress of Metrology, 11004  

Year: 2017

Abstract:  A rapid method to determine 137Cs in seawater using Cu-hexacyanoferates ion exchanger has been developed and verified for purpose of Thailand routine and emergency environmental radiation monitoring. The Cu-hexacyanoferrate supported cotton-wound cartridge filters were used to absorb 131Cs from spiked synthesis scawater by passing various large volumes i.c. 200 L, 300 L and 400 L over the filters
with slow flow rate at 240 L/hr. The filter samples were converted to ash through a heating step and directly measured with gamma ray analysis using HPGe detector. The result showed acceptable accuracy with bias below + 25%, in the range from – 24.63% to + 3.29%. This developed method is cost-effective and casily to performed in sampling fields and can be optimised its accuracy with analysis time when it nceded.

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