Thailand joins forces with IAEA in emergency response and preparedness.

        OAP hosts an IAEA expert mission to support the development of Thailand’s exercise for Response to Criminal or Intentional Unauthorized Acts involving MORC. The expert mission is aimed to help twenty five participants from national authorities develop training exercises to counter terrorism or illegal activities relating to nuclear or radioactive materials. IAEA experts in the mission provide suggestions on all possible aspects of the exercise such as scenario design, technical preparation, exercise planning and exercise evaluation. Results from the expert mission can be used during the National Crisis Management Exercise in 2024 or CMEX-2024. 

This expert mission is a part of the project supported by IAEA to strengthen national capacities in emergency and security response which includes formulating a national response plan, providing necessary equipment and supporting a national training and exercise. Thailand is better prepared to respond to the nuclear and radiological event that threatens national security and is able to synchronize its response effort with its domestic authorities and IAEA in the most effective manner.

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