OAP and US-NRC are partnered up on strengthening regulatory activities for a small research reactor

           OAP together with the US Nuclear Regulatory Committee (US-NRC) host a training course on Overview of Transient Analyses for Suranaree University of Technology Research Reactor (SUT-RR) and Dose and Dispersion Methodologies from February 19 to 23, 2024 at OAP Headquarter. Ms. Pennapa Kanchana, Deputy Secretary General, reiterates that the objectives of this training course are to increase capabilities of OAP as a national nuclear and radiation regulator and to enhance technical skills on using US-NRC specifically designed code on radiological plume dispersion. OAP staff are expected to be better prepared for the safety assessment of a small 45-kW research reactor at SUT which is applying for a construction license.  Cancer treatment has been a main application for this reactor; however, it can be applied to include other applications such as material science, geological study, history and archaeology.

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