OAP performs inspection of medical radiotherapy.

         Just another day at OAP, OAP inspectors go on a routine inspection of medical facility. Today, they pay a visit at one of the busiest hospitals in Bangkok, Bhumibol Hospital whose name was given after King Rama IX of Thailand. The OAP inspectors want to ensure that compliances are met by the hospital. Radiation safety officers at the hospital are also examined to make sure that they are qualified and licensed. The OAP inspectors go through all necessary nuclear and radiation plans at the hospital; including radiation protection plan, security plan and emergency preparedness plan, and also provide additional recommendations to help improve safety and security of the hospital.

The Bhumibol hospital was recently recognized for its outstanding compliances as it was given a top OAP Award under Category 2 (Co-60 Utilization). In general, any hospital or facility which utilize radiation must be inspected in accordance with the Nuclear Energy for Peace Act, B.E. 2559 (2016) by OAP. This is aimed to promote correct understanding with regards to safety among licensees and to ensure public safety.

For more information about OAP inspection in medical facility, please direct your inquiry to Medical Inspection Group, Nuclear and Radiation Inspection Division, at +6625967600 ext 1612

Bangkok, Thailand 28 February 2024

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