IAEA awarded OAP with the Plaque of Honor for its EPR capability

             On June 6, 2024, Assoc. Prof. Pasit Lorterapong, OAP Secretary General, attended the 12th Meeting of Representative of Competent Authorities Identified under the Early Notification and the Assistance Convention at the IAEA headquarter in Vienna, Austria as the head of Thai delegation. During the meeting, Mr. Carlos Torres Vidal, Director of Incident and Emergency Center, IAEA, presented OAP with the Plaque of Honor for its participation in Response and Assistance Network (RANET) and its EPR capabilities to assist Member States in case of nuclear and radiological emergency. The assistance to Member States

             Providing assistance to Member States is a crucial role for Thailand on the international stage under international treaties and commitments. This involves supporting experts, tools, and equipment to manage and assist in nuclear and radiological emergency, aiming to protect people and the environment from nuclear and radiological emergency worldwide.

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