OAP hosts the IRRS Preparatory Meeting, a step closer to IRRS Mission

             On June 11, 2024, Ms. Ampika Apichaibukol, Deputy Secretary General, presided over the opening of the IRRS Preparatory Meeting and welcomed IAEA officials and IRRS reviewers. The meeting was aimed to discuss the scope of the IRRS and to agree on the Mission’s ToR which has been scheduled to take place in Thailand from February 3 to 14, 2025. In addition, the progress of SARIS which is an integral part of the Mission was reviewed.

             The IRRS Preparatory Meeting is a part of the IRRS Mission which will help OAP assess a national regulatory infrastructure and framework with respect to IAEA standards by exploiting a peer-review process. The outputs from the IRRS Mission will be used to improve national regulatory system contributing to the safe and secure uses of nuclear and radiation technology in Thailand for the greater goods of all relevant parties.

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