Thailand fosters four National TC Projects from IAEA

             From February 5 to 9, OAP hosts a meeting between Program Management Officer (PMO), Mr. Denis Subotinitskiy, and current national TC project counterparts, signaling a start of a 2024-2025 TC cycle. Thailand has been awarded four national TC projects: Applying Nuclear Technology to Assure Food Quality and Safety (THA5058), Strengthening National Capacities for the Safe Operation of the New Miniature Neutron Source Reactor (THA1017), Developing National Technical Capability for Impact Assessment of Plastic Pollution on Marine and Coastal Ecosystems and Human Health through the Application of Nuclear and Isotopic Techniques (THA7006) and Enhancing National Capacities in Managing Radioactive Waste and Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (THA9019). The meeting also discusses a preparation for the next TC cycle which start accepting new project concepts in about two months. The latter part of the meeting easily includes as many as 70 participants from institutes or organizations relevant to peaceful uses of nuclear technology.

The Secretary General, Associate Professor Pasit Lorterapong, stresses the importance of the national TC projects as a way to use nuclear technology for country’s development according to important national strategic plans.  He further underlines country’s six priority areas which are human health, agriculture and environment, industry, food and nutrition, radioactive waste management and nuclear security.

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