Increasing capacity on dose calibrating: OAP is ready as the national center of medical radioactivity measurement

          OAP hosts a Workshop on Quality Control of Radioactivity Measurement Using Dose Calibrator. With more than 50 participants from 17 organizations, OAP aims to strengthen capacity of staff who involve with radioactivity measurement in medical facilities around the country. Dose calibrator is an essential tool in nuclear medicine which is used to measure radioactivity of radiopharmaceuticals and to make sure that patients are administered with proper doses. The calibrator must be properly calibrated and accompanied with trained staff. The workshop organized by OAP is consider as an external quality control and as a forum to exchange experience and knowledge with respect to dose calibrator.

Assoc. Prof. Pasi Lorterapong, OAP Secretary General, who presided over the opening of the workshop reiterates that OAP has been operating a primary standard laboratory for 4πβ (PPC) – γ coincidence system according to international standards. This system can be used to control quality of the dose calibrator which will, in turn, support medial treatment and life quality of the patients. In addition, it can contribute to Thailand’s goal as the international health center.

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