OAP – CIA : Combating nuclear and radiation terrorism

             On March 20, 2024, OAP and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), Thailand, combined an effort to host a workshop for more than 50 security personnel from various department stores in Bangkok downtown on reacting to nuclear and radiation threat and terrorism and building public network.
             Assoc. Prof. Pasit, Lorterapang, OAP Secretary General, and Mr. Thammarat Rattanamanee, CIA Deputy Director, were at the workshop to stress the importance of enhancing capacities of these security personnel as the first responders to the events of nuclear and radiation threat or terrorism.

Assoc. Prof. Pasit reiterated that the workshop objectives were in line with both OAP and CIA missions as the workshop focused on preparing for possible threats and terrorism based on timely intel and responding to the unfortunate events. The integration between OAP and CIA is a key to formulate effective measures to ensure the public safety.

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