OAP to propose Nuclear Technology Consortium

        Assoc. Prof. Pasit Lorterapong, OAP Secretary General, is invited to chair a meeting to formulate the national policy on science and technology development. The meeting is proceeded by dividing into eight focus groups: Carbon Neutrality, Electric Vehicle, PM 2.5, Advanced Semiconductor, Quantum, Earth and Space Science, High Energy Physics, and Nuclear Technology. OAP participates in the Nuclear Technology focus group which focuses on four components:

  1. Infrastructure on radiation metrology: supporting a transition from secondary standards to primary standards.
  2. Technology transfer and enhancement: receiving knowledge and technology and increasing human capacities in relation to nuclear and radiation safety and protection.
  3. Existing and needed human resources: enhancing human capacities in nuclear and radiation regulatory functions.
  4. Utilization: Focusing on various applications of nuclear energy such as medical and health, food and agriculture, inspection, etc.

OAP Secretary General promptly proposes the establishment of Nuclear Technology Consortium and first focuses on small modular reactor (SMR).

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