OAP unveils a mobile nuclear and radiation emergency operation vehicle, the first of its kind in Thailand, which is on 24-hour call.

       The Office of Atoms for Peace (OAP), Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation, unveils a Mobile Nuclear and Radiation Emergency Operation Vehicle, which has been in service since 2020, aiming to improve its capabilities on responding and assessing nuclear and radiation emergency for the safety of people and environment around the clock.

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        Ms. Vilaivan Tanjoy, Secretary General of OAP, explains to the public that the vehicle carries a command center, a laboratory for on-scene assessment, a communication center and an equipment storage which houses a number of modern radiation-related equipments and tools. The vehicle is designed to work seamlessly with a field-operation robot, an automated drone and a decontamination unit. OAP stands ready to counter nuclear and radiation emergency with state-of-the-art technology that will certainly help return the situation to normalcy in an efficient manner which is safe to operation officers, people and environment. All aforementioned works are in compliance with the master plan on Preparedness, Response, Suspense and Restoration of Nuclear and Radiation Emergency B.E. 2561 – 2565, preparing Thailand for timely responding to the nuclear and radiation emergency situations.

        In case of nuclear and radiation emergency or even in doubt of radioactive materials, please look for a radiation symbol which is a magenta or black trefoil against a yellow background and call OAP at 1296 around the clock.

         Should you need further information, please call Nuclear and Radiation Emergency Preparedness and Response Group at 025967600 ext 4309




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Recently, the Secretary  General, Office of atoms for Peace (OAP) visited to the Radionuclide Station (RN65) at Kasetsart University, Kampaengsaen Campus, Nakornpathom province, Thailand in order to verify the readiness of the station for the effectiveness of monitoring system for detecting the Nuclear-Testing around the world. 

Dr. Atchara  Wongseangchan, Secretary  General, Office of Atoms for Peace (OAP) said Thailand had signed The Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty (CTBT) on 12 November 1996 with The Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization (CTBTO) with a common agreement to established the network for detecting the nuclear-testing, and to support global banning for all nuclear explosions.

The Radionuclide Station (RN65) is located at Kasetsart University, Kampaengsaen Campus in Nakornpathom province, Thailand. The station has been collecting air particulate and analyzing gamma – emitting radionuclide specially produced by the nuclear testing. All equipment accelerator and systems installed at the station are in testing phase to ensure consistent performance of the station prior to the station certification. OAP by the secretary general, Dr. Atchara visited the RN65 station with the executive officials from Kasetsart University to follow up and discuss for the effective operation of the station, and also future technical cooperation between two organizations.   

          For more information please contact Bureau of Technical Support for Nuclear Safety Regulation at tel. 6625967600 ext. 2425

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         The Office of Atoms for Peace (OAP), under ministry of science and technology, jointly organized a National Workshop on Radiological / Nuclear Training for Emergency Response with United States Department of Energy (DOE) during January 14 – 18, 2019 at the OAP, Bangkok Thailand. The purpose of this workshop is to acknowledge and make better understanding about radiation safety working procedure and management during radiological and nuclear emergency situations in Thailand to regulator, authorized organizations and responders. The OAP hopes that this training is going to support establishing good cooperation to all relevent organizations to reponse to nuclear and radiological emergencies in timely and effectively manner. With these, OAP believe that the general public will sufficiently be protected and relieved from any possible radiation hazards that might occur in the future.
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        On July 4, 2019 at dusitD2 Hotel, Krabi, Thailand, Ms. Vilaivan Tanjoy, the Secretary General of OAP, together with Mr. Raja Dato’ Abdul Aziz Raja Adnan, Director of Nuclear Security Division of IAEA, signed the Practical Arrangements between IAEA and OAP on Cooperation in the Area of Nuclear Forensic Science. The Practical Arrangments were aimed to enhance national capabilities in nuclear forensics to meet international standards and to help Thailand to serve as a regional center for ASEAN. The signing ceremony was graciously observed by a number of honorary guests, including Her Excellency Ms. Morakot Sriswat, Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Thailand to the UN in Vienna, Ms. Rachada Hemapatthawee, Deputy Secretary General of OAP, ASEANTOM delegates and external partners from Republic of Korea, Japan, USA and European Commission. The signing ceremony was immediately followed by the Technical Session on Nuclear Security in ASEAN. The session was hoped to be a forum where knowledge and experiences were shared and ways moving forward in order to increase regional cooperation for sustainable benefits of ASEAN people were actively discussed.

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